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No other wall decoration compares to our world globe stone maps with clocks for 12 time zones. Globe wall maps combine the geographic information of the world with the time keeping clocks to keep track of time instantly anywhere in the world, all the while being a natural one-of-a-kind handmade work of art! There is no other product you can buy that will be this impressive and add such a smart distinguished style to any room they are placed!

Check our incredible selection of different stone-based world globe gemstone wall maps with oceans made of white howlite, black onyx, blue jasper and mother of pearl shells. Each country is represented by a different indigenous semi-precious, or precious, gemstones that come from the actual countries. Inlaid gemstones create a patchwork of contrasting colors and textures that dramatically enhances each map. Included in each map are the beautiful gemstones: lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger's eye, jasper, turquoise, purple quartz, onyx, unakite, abalone and many other wonderfully hued stones. In addition, the latitude and longitude lines are made of ribbons of gold, embedded in a criss-cross patchwork covering each wall map.

Our stone maps of the world have clocks for the time zones that are all individually handcrafted by skilled artisans taking up to 1000 hours for the more complex and difficult pieces making each world map a unique work of art!


These gemstone wall maps don’t only display the various countries and continents of the planet, but also show the differing time zones using small clocks running along the bottom. Their practical uses aside, these pieces are artistic pictures in their own right, and come with a variety of complementary frames. Each has a different primary mineral forming its oceans, from the white howlite maps—framed in either whitewood or redwood—to our intricate blue lapis maps. We also have a darker map of black onyx, the colorful gemstone of the countries shining brighter against the contrasting darkness of the oceans.
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