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 Wood Art Dragon Pieces in Rosewood or Rain Tree
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All of our dragon wood carvings are intricately and delicately hand carved from beautiful wood like Rain Tree (Samanea saman) also know as Suar wood and Black Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) also know as Indian Rosewood. Each Dragon piece represents years of training and practice by our master carver Jonathan Gage to create a true work of art! The artists pride and skill is displayed in each wooden dragon art piece we offer.

Dragon-Art-work's products are meticulously and intricately carved out of one single piece of wood! Each wooden art piece boasts extraordinarily detailed dragons. No power tools were used in the creation of our fine art dragons, only chisels and a mallet transforming a simple block of wood into a exquisite, beautiful work of art!

Wood Dragon art pieces carved out of Rosewood "Indian Rosewood" commonly called Sonokeling or Sonobrits in Indonesia has beautiful grains. Rosewood is very stable, durable and similar to ebony in its density. It is difficult to carve, is hard on the chisels, and takes three times as much work to complete than using Rain Tree. Black Rosewood is a multi-toned hard wood producing at times five vibrant colors or more ranging from an orange to a very dark brown. When our wood dragon pieces are hand carved from the rich dark colors of rosewood the results are exquisite, and beautiful!

Rain Tree also called "Suwar" or "Suar" in Indonesia is a native to South America and is found through out all the tropics. Rain tree is a very hard wood like Rosewood that comes in a delicately natural brown color. it also has a straight grain and rather coarse texture similar to mahogany. Rain tree is a fast-growing and easily replaceable wood which is much easer to carve than Rosewood. The trunk of rain tree is huge in mature trees which makes it suitable for creating very large dragon statues. Our large dragon art wood sculptures are only available in Rain Tree or Suar wood.

Dragon Art Work is your source for exciting and unique collectible hand crafted carved dragons are available in a variety of sizes....

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