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Gemstones and crystals are some of the most beautiful natural objects on our planet. We bring together, from around the world, a large selection of stones, rocks, functional crystals, tumbled gemstones, bracelets, and necklaces for you to enjoy; from mother earth herself. If you're looking for truly unique gemstone accessories we offer clustered crystal candleholders and crystal massage rocks for body therapy and energy work. People collect natural stone wonders for their beauty, energy, healing powers, and for use as birth stones, given as gifts during holidays, and to enhance their interior room decor with an earth element that is meaningful to them. If you're looking for the perfect crystals and gemstones to give to that someone special, or to keep for yourself, view our complete gallery of gemstones and crystals.

You can wear your birthstone as jewelry, like our crystal necklaces and bracelets, use them as crystal massage rocks, or collect a number of your favorite stones tumbled, or as soapstones, sold by the US pound. Looking for an innovative and personal birthday gift idea? You can't beat a piece of jewelry or rock made of their own birthday birth stone as a gift! Gemstones are the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral, desirable and prized for their great beauty and natural perfection, and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. Most crystals, rocks, and gemstones have healing properties of one sort or another attributed to them and have been used by various healers since the beginning of time.

It widely believed that the birth month determines the course of one’s life and character. Those born in a given month are said to acquire the special benefits of their birth gemstone simply by wearing them. In fact, belief systems throughout the entire world, by and large, corroborate the use of birthstones. Religious traditions from early times have included gemstones as important elements to their religious ceremonies and ritual practices. This may have originated from the ancient custom of wearing gemstones on bracelets and necklaces for their magical or spiritual powers. It is believed planets influence the different birthstones by transmiting the powers given to the sun sign, or star sign, of the astrological Zodiac.

Crystal candle holders can make any space seem more soothing to the mind, body, and spirit. Our gemstone, crystal, and rock candle holders come with pre-drilled indentations to facilitate votive candles and tea light candles. Once you start a candle going you will love the way the candle light glows off and thru the crystals and gemstones. It never ceases to amaze how candle light glows through clear stones and spreads a warm light for an inspiring optical ambience direct from mother nature. Crystal candleholders make great, yet subtle, night lights that will add just enough light to see around the room where you can still enjoy the calmness and serenity of the dark evening. Place one of our crystal candle holders in your bathroom for a warm and loving glow that you can use to create an instant sense of tranquility and romance to the atmosphere, combine with a bubble bath for the ultimate effect!

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