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 Statue of a Goliath Gargoyle as Tealight Holder Art
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Crouching Gargoyle Tealight Holder

Size: 10.5"H
Weight: N/A
Material: Black Resin
Item: 014981

$41.40 Each
Crouched on a mound of stone, this vulture-like gargoyle is ready to spring upon some unsuspecting group. Maybe it sighted a small party of adventurers, or a caravan full of untrained merchants. Whatever the case, it clearly bets its razor-sharp claws, beak-like bite, thick, stony wings, and weapon-resistant hide against whatever defense they can put forth. Add in the advantage of surprise, and why should he fear conflict? Wings rise up in tight triangles, ready to flap down and unfurl to add height and speed to his spring.

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