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The majority of the gemstone spheres given on this page come in shades of blue and white. These are excellent colors to use to enliven a room without absorbing an onlooker’s complete attention. Unlike reds and oranges, blue is a lively color without being too powerful. As always, the greatest advantage of a gemstone sphere lies in its simplicity, the gemstones ideal for pure use of color to direct attention and enhance a theme. Blue gemstone spheres work well by windows, emphasizing the blue sky on a clear day to turn the natural world outside your home into its own artistic picture. Even on cloudy days, the spheres offset some of the dreary gray without and serve to increase the cheer of the room. Symbolizing both the sky and the sea, these gemstones also go well near water; set them around any small fountain you might have to add to its aesthetic value. If you are looking to decorate your kitchen, a few of these spheres on the windowsill behind the sink would be ideal.

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