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 Soapstones: Chinese Amazonite, Agate, Eldorit, and Ruby

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This collection of gemstones in the shape of soapstones can be used to spread protective powers throughout your home. Our amazonite soapstones have a light blue hue with faint gray bands that compliment its smooth polish and is said to promote kindness and enhance one’s luck! A balancing stone, it can help stabilize emotions while also augmenting your stamina. The bright orange hue of agate soapstones match nicely with its lace-like pattern of orange-red and gray swirls. As a powerful protector stone, agate is said to bring good dreams, aid in resisting stress, and prevent loss of mental energy. It is also one of the oldest recorded stones used for its abilities. People have even used agate to turn away coming storms. While agates don’t affect emotions specifically, they are able to increase one’s capability to handle negative feelings, should they arise.

Eldorit soapstones have a rich purple hue speckled with veins in white and black. Said to symbolize dignity, sophistication, creativity, and mystery, Eldorit is a great stone to place near where you work. Our unique soapstones make fine additions to any display shelf or open table, especially in the presence of other works of art. The Fuschite stones are somewhat turquoise in color speckled with yellow and distinct red colored areas where ruby is embedded. The stone Fuschite is said to promote joy and compassion, as well as speeding healing and improving immunity. Traces of ruby add a lot of power to this stone because ruby is perhaps the strongest of the protective gems.

Goldstone is not a natural gem! Originally created accidentally by monks working on alchemy, goldstone is a combination of molten copper and glass. Although not specifically a gemstone, the rich copper combined with speckles of glass make it an attractive stone by all means, especially as it looks like it has gold floating within it. Even though it was not naturally created, it is still considered to have the effect of increased energy and vitality when it is kept nearby.

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