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Add to the haunting atmosphere of your room with these macabre incense burners. Our skeleton burner displays an undead creature lying swathed in tattered clothes, its pose seeming relaxed as it holds up an incense burner, resting back on a tombstone that doubles as a candleholder. The skulls burner is made up of long rows of tiny skulls, a larger head lying at the back, a stick of incense in its teeth. A similar holder is placed in the ladder of bones incense burner, but rather than rows of skulls, this one consists of interlocking bones forming a morbid path up to the skull. We also have a demonic or alien incense burner, the scented stick fitting into the creature’s forehead, its strangely elongated jaw forming the base to catch falling ash. Finally, we offer a demonic hand incense burner, the stick fitting into the ebony palm of the sharp-clawed hand.
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