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Who says that standard office supplies have to be as dull as a nine-to-five data entry job? Decorate your cubicle with a variety of tools both functional and fashionable. Take the humble letter opener. A bland piece of metal designed for performing a task just as easily handled with your pointer finger, right? Not when your letter opener happens to be in the shape of a sword gripped by skeletal hands that seem to be rising clear out of your desk! Or, for that matter, a blade stabbed into a pile of three skulls, with two more cracked and battered skeletal heads beside it, these functioning as penholders. Need something to fill them with? Add in a couple of our lavishly decorated pens. One sports a menacing gargoyle at the top, its tail curving around the pen's grip. Two other pens turn to a theme of the dead and undead, with one molded in the shape of a skull column, the other displaying an elaborate design of skulls shrouded in ghostly ectoplasmic material. Two more skull pens are displayed on the next page-collect all four!
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