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 Shipping and Handling for Dragons and Crystals
Shipping Types:
By the Pound
Individual Unit
Wood Crate
Bulk Rate

How Find Your Shipping and Handling Fee
To find your shipping and handling total all you have to do is add your items to the shopping cart by using an "add to cart" button and then press the "checkout" button to see your S/H total.

Foam Molded Shipping Boxes

All resin art will arrive surrounded in protective foam molded to its shape sent in a cardboard box via Fed Ex or US Post, depending on the overall size. If the order is large enough it may be better to send ship it using a freight carrier.

Shipping Crystals and Stones
Shipping and handling is calculated for the gemstones and crystals either by the individual unit or by the pound, your total depends on the total gross weight. If you are having trouble determining the shipping cost of your order feel free to email or call us with your information so that we can help you.

Custom Wood Crating
Custom wood dragon art must be carefully double-boxed and surrounded in bubble wrap and/or foam popcorn. If the art piece is over 3 ft. tall, or long, it may need to be braced in a wood crate and secured with foam boards and additional packing material.

Shipping Insurance
All fragile or expensive items will be sent with shipping insurance covering any damages that may occur in route. Even though every order is carefully packed damages can occur with the shipping carrier. If your order arrives damaged please call or email us immediately so that we can get the insurance paperwork started and so that we can replace your shipment quickly.

International Shipping
Customers outside the United States and Canada should send an email stating which items they want and where the order will be shipped. Once we have your information we will send you a quote and/or an invoice via email or fax (upon request). Or if you have already placed your order online we will invoice you the shipping and handling difference, since our online shipping calculations are based on shipping to the domestic US.

Shipping Container Option for Overseas Deliveries
If you are ordering overseas and you are in no particular hurry to receive your order and you would like a cheaper shipping rate than the air shipping rate you may choose to have us send your order in a shipping container by sea. Call or email and let us know if this is your shipping preference.

  Crystals & Gemtones