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 Scary Adult Gargoyle Tealight Candle Holder Artwork
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Scary Gargoyle Tealight Holder

Size: 7"H
Weight: N/A
Material: Black Resin
Item: 014973

$36.40 Each
The look on this gargoyle’s fang-filled face suggests a disapproving parent. Hunched down as if talking to a small child, chin resting on his arm, head tilted just slightly to the side, he looks upon the tea light candle as if reprimanding it for poor conduct. The irony is only increased by the stony base that clearly suggests that this lecture is being given in some sort of cave. Of course, a disapproving monster with stony skin, superhuman strengths, the advantage of flight, and a penchant for brutal combat (as attributed by the missing horn—obviously broken in a savage duel) is enough to scare most kids into cleaning up their act, irony or no irony.

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