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 Rain Tree Wood, Kayu, Monkeypod, Suar, Samanea Saman

Rain Tree is a Mahogany Grain Wood
Rain Tree wood, Kayu, Suwar (or Suar), is a form of Mahogany and is a much higher quality of wood to carve with than cheaper types of wood like Kayu Pule, Kayu Sandat, or Kayu Cempaka. The Scientific name for Suwar/Suar wood is Samanea Saman and it is commonly known in the English as Rain Tree wood. Another common name for the Rain Tree is Monkeypod relating to the fact that it has seed pods which are edible.

Preserve Your Rain Tree Wood Art
Originally native to South America, Rain Tree wood has spread throughout the tropics for over a century. It is a fast growing tree and developes into a thick mature trunk with an interlocking and crisscrossing grain which helps it from cracking in dry climates with lower levels of humidity. Even though Rain Tree wood grain is superior for its weather resistant properties you should also apply a light-weight oil, like Murphy's Oil, about once or twice per year or more, and even more often if you are going to place your artwork in direct sunlight. Oiling keeps the wood conditioned so as to minimize any warping that may occur over time.

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Swiss Family Robinson Rain Tree House
For those who that can remember the Swiss Family Robinson movie originally released in 1960 had a family tree house made out of an actual Rain Tree. The Swiss Family Robinson's Rain Tree was 120 feet tall with a canopy 240 feet in diameter. This should give you a sense of the massive size that Rain Trees can reach on an island or in a tropical forest. The rain tree also has the very unique plant behavior of folding up its leafs anytime there is rain and it also folds up about an hour before sunset and then opens its leaves again an hour after sunrise.

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