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Some gemstones are attune the body, others to the mind, while some still more possess the power to benefit both aspects. Smoky quartz is one of the latter types. It is said to strengthen spiritual endurance and enhance your creativity and perception. Sunstone, meanwhile, is more of a physical stone. Long-associated with the celestial body that gives it its name, the sun, sunstone is said to be a source of health and energy, a potent life symbol with a solaresque power. Tiger’s eye is more on the mental plane; with its name referring to the keen eye of a cat, and indeed, clarity of sight and perceptions are among its key influences. Our quartz gemstones come in a wide variety of colors to fit almost any room in your home! For example, you might wish to spread rose quartz with its soft pink hue and positive energy, promoting love and self-worth. Some even say that rose quartz stones empower the body by maintaining youthful energies. Any of our stones will create an unforgettable ambience!
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