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These gemstone spheres come in a wide variety of colors, perfect for placement throughout a home or office. The correct choice of colors can do much to enhance a room, whether through contrasting colors to draw attention to a certain spot, or complementary colors to augment the room’s overall theme. Gemstone spheres are perfect for both purposes, adding color to the room without providing a complex piece to distract an observer’s eye. This allows you to choose colors to suit each specific room and area of a room, augmenting each spot with the precision and combinations you desire. The gemstones used in these spheres are either pale colors or earth tones, both of which are calming. Use them to add subtle enhancements to other artwork, plants, or important areas in the room, without drawing the eye away from the area they should enhance. You can also use them to help mute particularly strong visual aspects of the room, perhaps setting the white quartz or pink rose sphere near a bright, room-dominating red to help ease its impact on the eye.

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