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Gemstones are wonderful collector’s pieces, not only for their beauty, but for the positive energy they emanate. For example, ocean jasper gemstones are known for generating a calming and relaxing energy. Place such gemstones around your bedroom to provide a sense of quietude. Orange calcite gems engender strong positive forces that are known to protect against darker emotions, they make excellent additions to any room, especially dining rooms, living rooms, and other chambers where family and friends meet and interact. They go well with fluorite gemstones, which are said to assist in guarding against negative emotions, but also function to make one more receptive to the positive energy that other gemstones create. The combination of fluorite with orange jasper is a powerful ward against dark feelings and energies, or combine the fluorite with green tourmaline soapstones, enhancing the verdant power of the gems to promote healing, well-being, and some say, even financial success.
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