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We offer polished lepidolite stones, milky quartz stones, moonstone, new jade stones and nuummit stones all sold by the pound. These beautiful polished gemstones look great displayed by themselves and when combined with our unique crystals and rock lights. Lepidolite, an interesting gemstone by appearance alone, has a dark surface covered in ripples of yellow and green, brought out nicely by its smoothly polished texture. Known for its ability to sooth pain, lepidolite has also been established as a gem that augments peace of mind. It helps to encourage independence and good luck, while buffering against negativity. Milky quartz crystals, on the other hand, have a pale pink hue, giving them a profound and unmatched semi-opaque translucence. Quartz has often been used as a symbol of love, a connotation perhaps based on its soft color, and it is said to aid in rejuvenating the skin. Moonstone soapstones also have a soft color of yellow-orange and is said to instill a number of abilities, relating to luck, love, protection, even business to those that keep them near. Moonstone is also said to promote inspiration and intuition with a power that only grows greater under a full moon. New jade gemstones have a unique rich green hue and is thought to be a strong symbol of love with protective qualities and potent healing powers that is only enhanced by the soft green hue, a strong connotation of life and health. Nuummit, a rare mineral, is also good for meditation and is also considered an effective protection stone that offers resistance to negative energies and helps connect one with the elemental forces.

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