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Are you looking to add some artistry to your desk top? Try our attractive gemstone globes. These pieces come in a variety of colors, each globe fashioned with colorful minerals, with the oceans replicated in several pleasing hues. Whatever shades you favor, chances are you will find an appropriate globe here at Dragon Artwork. This page displays a series of gemstone globes perfect for setting on a desk, each held in a three-legged brass base, itself an artful piece. Our turquoise globe is pleasing to those who favor the colors of the sea and sky, while our black planet globe displays an air of ebony dignity, enhanced by the golden veins of the meridian lines running along its face. Our crimson world, created with oceans of red jasper, signifies strength and power, while the verdant shade of our rich jade sphere is said to signify healing. Finally, our white howlite globe is a clean, classic color, perfect to add subtle appeal to an office space or business place.
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