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We here at Dragon Art work proudly present our stunning gemstone globe maps that are impeccably designed and individually hand-crafted with more than 25 different semi-precious gemstones. We offer a wide range of gemstone globe products including Gemstone Globe Paperweights, Cufflinks and Keyrings and on a larger scale impressive gemstone world floor globes and striking gemstone globe wall maps! There is no better way to make a striking impression to your decor!

Since the earth is made up of minerals, rocks and stones it seemed only fitting to make a Gemstone globe with its Continents and Countries made up of the same. Our stunning gemstone globes are impeccably designed and individually hand-crafted and shaped to surprising detail by our skilled craftsmen that requires a minimum of ten individual steps to compose and takes over 1000 man-hours of labor that is required to complete each of our gemstone globes! This makes your globe a unique one of a kind work of art that is a statement of pure luxury and will add a smart distinguished style to any room!

Each country is inlaid from a different gemstone found from the country it represents. The stones are individually cut and ground to exacting interlocking shapes, polished and set into this exquisite piece of art with care and attention to adjacencies. The elements of the globe are created out of lapis lazule, mother of pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger's eye, jasper, turquoise, purple quartz, onyx, unakite, abalone and many other beautifully hued stones. The latitude and longitude lines are very thin ribbons of brass, embedded through the globe. Our precious gemstone globes are each unique works of art. Gemstone globes of this quality are unparalleled. A gemstone globe is sure to be a piece you will treasure for years to come and are destined to become a treasured heirloom!

These globes are generally sold only at high-end retail and specialty stores as they are of such high quality and so expensive - they often retail for hundreds of dollars! We are offering these globes at wholesale prices! Our Gemstone Globes are unique, representational art that make perfect corporate and personal gifts!
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