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 Gargoyle with Human-Like Eyes Tealight Holder
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Perched Gargoyle Tealight Holder

Size: 7"H
Weight: N/A
Material: Black Resin
Item: 014961

$36.40 Each
“Oh,” some may say, “this gargoyle is using a candle to light the way of the faithful seeking sanctuary at the church.” Wrong! This gargoyle is a thief! Don’t be fooled by his “I’m just a harmless statue with a candle routine.” Don’t take his lifted eyes to be the same dedicated guardian look conveyed on the previous piece. He’s a rogue, took the candle and bowl, just opened the door out of the building, and what do you know, right there is the owner. The big, bulky, greatsword-toting owner. Mr. Gargoyle Thief looks up, stares a moment, and then meekly offers the candle over. A cunning ploy, but we know the truth!

Okay, sure, or he’s just a gargoyle holding the candle, but which is more fun to explain to people who comment on him when they visit your house?

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