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The dragon is one of the most powerful symbols of Feng Shui. Our Flying Dragon Ball Lights and Feng Shui Decorating Lights will be the perfect combination of functional dragon art and the power and harmony of Feng Shui. According to ancient Chinese philosophy Feng Shui means literally "wind water" and is the relationships between nature and ourselves so that we might live in harmony within our environment. When decorating your home or office one of the things to consider is Feng Shui which is the Chinese art of positioning objects to achieve harmony, comfort, and balance, first in ones environment and then in one's life. Our flying Dragon ball Feng Shui decorating lights will help to ward off evil energy or to increase your chi!

These beautiful crafted Flying Dragon Ball Lights are made in the Medieval Dragon style depicting the power and protection of the European Dragon in combination with the Chinese Dragon philosophy of Feng Shui. These Dragons decorating ball Lights are holding a lighted globe also know as the magical Pearl of Potentiality which stands for truth, wisdom, abundance and auspiciousness. For its strength and the power to become something different or better, the Dragon is always shown pursuing this wish fulfilling flaming pearl. He is reaching out eagerly to clutch at the elusive object, mouth open and eyes bulging with anticipation of achieving the prize afforded by clutching the pearl. If lost, the pearl leaves the dragon helpless and incapable of action. In connection with the dragon the flaming jewel perfection, the "Pearl of Potentiality," has been called the image of thunder, of the moon, of the sun, of the egg emblem of the dual influences and powers of nature both creative and destructive.

By the light of the sacred pearl, night can become day Wisdom or yang energy gives light to understanding. Our decorative designer Feng Shui flying Dragon ball lights is a great way to Decorate and light up your interior. Cast in quality designer polyresin with a greystone finish these Dragon lights will bring the Dragon's Luck to you as well as to protect you from harmful energy!

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