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 Dragon Lamps and Globe Lights in Gothic Art Styles

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Illuminate your life with our unique Gothic style Dragon lamps and globe Lights that are available in several different Gothic Art Styles. These very detailed and realistic dragon lamps cast in quality designer polyresin with a Gothic greystone finish are perfect for those of you who like something a little out of the ordinary and love dragons!

Enter the realms of enchantment and mystery from ancient tales of a world of long ago while dreaming of legendary knights when you use our Gothic Art Styled Dragon lamps and globe lights in your room. These Medieval dragon lamps will be your nighttime guardian! They will make sure you have a peaceful night as this protective Dragon watches over you while you sleep. You'll never be afraid of the dark again!

Gothic art styles came from a Medieval art movement that developed in the late Middle Ages. It lasted 300 years from about 1150 A.D. to 1400. Italian Renaissance scholars named this style "Gothic" because they thought it was barbaric and uncivilized like the barbarian northern Germanic tribes called Goths who invaded Italy and destroyed the Roman Empire in the 400s. The Middle Ages is the period in European history between the collapse of Rome and the Renaissance period, from 476 to about 1450AD. Also known as the medieval period, and as the Dark Ages. During this period Dragons ruled our world in fantasy and legend!

Bring illumination, and a touch of the gothic, to your home or castle, with these enchanting Gothic style Dragon lamps and globe Lights!

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