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 Dragon & Gothic Desk Top Art and Carved Wood Dragons
We specialize in only unique collectible resin dragons, wood carved dragons & Gothic art from table top size to 7 ft. tall standing works of art. Not only do we offer custom dragons carved out of single pieces of exotic wood by our skilled artists, but we also have our line of bronze and resin masterpieces. If you're looking for a dragon gift or to add to your personal collection our dragon home accessories are the perfect choice! Our unique selection includes fantasy door knockers, gothic notebooks, wood carved dragons, Medieval letter openers, skull and dragon pens, chess sets with knights, dragon trinket boxes, zodiac drink coasters, cloak clasps, dragon carvings, and wood dragon canes and walking sticks.

Each of our exquisite, one of a kind wood fantasy dragon art pieces is designed and uniquely hand carved under the direction of our master carver Jonathan Gage and with the help of his studio assistants in Hollywood, California. Gage puts skilled craftsmanship into every carved wood dragon sculpture to make it an enduring and original masterpiece! Hand carved wood dragons are available in a variety of sizes from a few inches big to 6-7 feet tall! Don't forget to check out our hand crafted dragon walking canes and custom dragon sculpting services offered exclusively by to our clients where we will make an art peice to your exact specifications. Yes, if you can imagine a dragon we can have our skilled craftsmen make it for you!

With your home, or castle, full of Gothic dragon accessories invite your friends over so they can experience what a Medieval dragon home makeover looks like! We are the only online art and furniture retailer with such a complete range of quality dragon art, accessories, and custom commissioned art possibilities! If it's mystical, magical, or dragon related, you can bet that Dragon Art Work has it or we can create it for you... just ask!

If you're looking to have a family crest or company logo intricately carved on a wood plaque then look no further! We carve plaques out of wood in sizes up to 3 ft. by 4 ft. according to your exact specifications! The detail and craftsmanship we consistantly provide is nothing short of amazing! Our wood carvers can capture your family crest, coat of arms, or emblem in exquisite detail in mahogany-like raintree wood, or in more dense rosewood for a little extra. Getting your crest beautifully carved in wood immortalizes your heritage like nothing else!

Add that distinctive Oriental touch to your home with our Chinese and Asian classically carved wood dragons. Traditional Asian dragon statues are skillfully handcrafted from one piece of beautiful, rich and red-toned wood known in Indonesia as Suar wood that comes from the Raintree tree. Each distinctive Asian style dragon artwork is individually sculpted by our artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Our skilled Bali carvers expertly carve each dragon creation out of one piece of wood to such an exquisite level of detail that each dragon statue ends up with its own character and artistic uniqueness.

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