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 Dragon Cane Walking Stick with Case and Chinese Lamp
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Our Dragon cane walking sticks with cases and handcrafted Chinese Lamps are inspired by the distinct original artisans and craftsman in the authentic Chinese design. Dragon-Art-Works unique and artistic dragon canes come with a handsome velvet case that protects the cane with style! If your looking for the most skillfully detailed hand carved art work that exists, our Chinese lamps surpass them all! These Pagoda style Chinese table lamps have the authentic oriental design and superb appearance even when it is switched off.

Add a distinct Oriental touch to your home with this exquisite intricately hand carved Chinese table lamp. Expertly hand crafted in the shape of a pagoda, this unique lamp will help create a Zen atmosphere. Turn it on and let its wooden panels illuminate your home with a warm, magical glow.

Dragon-Art-Works distinct wooden Chinese lamps and dragon walking sticks are intended to bring grace, beauty and an oriental touch to you and your home!

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