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Enliven your life with our unique hard-to-find dragon theme fantasy art furniture collection. Every dragon table, desk, chair, mirror, clock and shelving unit has been sculpted to a level of Gothic perfection! We pride ourselves in bringing you the finest dragon art decor furniture since Medieval times and the Renaissance period. Stylish as well as functional, our dragon furniture is probably the most imaginative you will ever find on the fantasy art market today... and we're coming up with new designs all the time! If it's mystical, magical, or dragon related you can bet we have it! If by chance we don't have the fantasy dragon art piece you are looking for then we can get one made for your by our dragon sculptors and carvers. Our Collectible Dragon furnishings will bring a bold atmosphere to your home decor and make a great gift for that friend who loves dragons.

Whether you've seen our functional, artistic dragon products in a privately owned castle, home, apartment, or office, they quickly become the focal point of attention and beg the question "where did you get this?". Our intricately designed furniture will leave your guests stunned by the level of artistry displayed in every masterpiece. To complete your medieval decor makeover we also offer a wide range of dragon accessories including: dragon hangings, wall lighting, dragon theme CD racks, dragon bookends, dragon wall mirrors with built-in slots for candles, gothic bookends, medieval bells, and dragon canes of impeccable quality and design. With your Medieval castle theme complete invite your family and friends over to experience what a real medieval dragon lair looks like! We provide the world with stylish furniture, art based on the mythology of dragons in such functional forms as fantasy dragon tables, office desks and coffee tables that add the "WOW" factor to any room.

Illuminate your life with our unique Gothic style dragon lamps and wall lighting. Lighting is available in several Gothic styles and are sure to add to the ambiance of the room you are redecorating. Add different colored bulbs to a number of lights for a more mystical effect, or emphasize your chosen atmosphere by filling the room with a single light bulb color. Another way to accent your dragon decor redecoration theme is with a few of our unique dragon wall mirrors when they are well placed in your home they can be used to produce a medieval castle hallway effect. Mirrors are available in a variety of uniquely sculpted frames, each displaying draconian themes with the full artistic majesty rarely achieved in the art world. Call us for all of your medieval and dragon furniture and dragon accessory needs. Even if we don't have the item you are looking for chances are we can have it made custom made to order.

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