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Tribal Pyramid Candle Stand with Demon Creature Heads
Celtic Knot Design Half-Moon-Like 3 Candle Holder Art
Lion Head Door Knocker Square Column Candle Holder
Candle Holder with Knots of Celtic Design
Elegant Celtic Candle Holder Base Art Piece
Delicate Celtic Knotwork Design Candle Holder
Candle Stand with a Ram's Head on the Side
Candle Pillar with Celtic Knotwork Art Designs
Dragon Castle Art with 4 Medieval Castle Candle Holders
Tealight Candle Statue with 2 Dragons on Roman Columns
Dragon and Greek Columns Ruin T-Light Candle Holder
Dragon and Cross Statuette Tealight Candle Holder
Dragon and Celtic Design Cross Tealight Lamp with Shade
3 Dragon Legs and Celtic Knotwork Art Tealight Stand
Yin-Yang Symbol with Celtic Spirals 2 Piece Tealight
Celtic Cross Tea Light Candle Holder with Celtic Knots
Crouching Dragon with Wings Like a Bat Tea Light Holder
Angry Dragon Candle Holder Medieval Statue Art
Wall Mounted Dragon with a Decorative Tealight Cup
4 Candle, 4 Dragon Tealight Holder Made Out of Resin
3 Tribal Skulls Candle Holder Covered with Celtic Designs
Thick Demon Hand Holding a Tea Light Lampshade
Resin Tealight Candle Lamp with a Celtic Lampshade
Gothic Lamp with an Inverted Cross and 2 Jutting Spikes
Celtic Wall Hanging Knotwork Art Holds 3 Tealights
Celtic Knotwork Design Patterns on a Tealight Column
Celtic Home Decor Artistic Candle Holder for Tealights
Twin Dragon Oil Burner Held by Their Wing Tips
Glass Aromatherapy Oil Burner Held by an Evil Hand
3 Horned Skull Glass Oil Burner on a Celtic Knot Stand
Towers of Skulls Tealight Candle Oil Burner Lamp
Strange Gargoyle Lamp Sculpture with a Globe Light
Gargoyle Lamp Globe on a Fluted Column
Gothic Gargoyle with Wings Statuary Holding its Mouth
Gargoyle Statue with the Figurine Cover His Own Eyes
Gargoyle Covering His Ears While Kneeling on One Knee
Wall Art Piece of a Gargoyle Holder a Small Candle
Gargoyle Socerer Invoking Fire with Dark Magic Lamp
Cat or Dog Gargoyle with Wings Huddled Over a Fire
Gargoyle with Human-Like Eyes Tealight Holder
Sad Gargoyle with Outstretched Hexagonal Wings
Insane Devil Gargoyle Art Piece Tealight Candle Holder
Scary Adult Gargoyle Tealight Candle Holder Artwork
Stone-Like Gargoyle Warming by a Tealight Campfire
Statue of a Goliath Gargoyle as Tealight Holder Art
Gothic Gargoyle Figurine Holding Basin of Fire
Gargoyle Bulldog T-light with Gothic and Celtic Elements
Ashtray of a Dragon with the Ashtray in the Wings
Ram Head Cigarette Ashtray with Cool Celtic Art
Vintage Style Ashtray with Built-in Stand and Ram Heads
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  Crystals & Gemtones