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Wood Dragons - Resin Dragons - Gemstone World Globes - Crystals & Rocks

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Quartz Crystal, with Point to the Side, Candle Holder
Small Rose Quartz Candleholder Rock Item
Small Crystal Candleholder Made From a Quartz Rock
Clustered Crystal Quartz Surrounding Candle Holder
Aventurine Rock Candle Holder Stone
Candle in the Middle of an Amethyst Crystal Holder
Small Citrine Crystals with a Candle Holder in the Center
Polished Quartz Rose Candle Holder Rock Gift
Agate, with Slice Off the Front and Back, Candleholder
Aventurine Green Stone Donut-Like Candleholder
Blue Onyx Stone Candle Holder From Chunk of Rock
Orange Onyx Crystal Candle Holder Looks Like the Fruit
Red Onyx Gem Stone Candle Holder with Auburn Colors
Peaceful Candle Holder Made From a Blue Onyx Slab
Color of Orange Calcite Mineral Candle Holder
Rare Green Quartz Crystal Cluster Candle Holder
Quartz Sphere Candle Holder with a Rough Quartz Base
Rose Quartz Sphere Candle Holder on Rough Stone
Selenite Crystal Cylinder Candle Holder
Small Quartz Lotus Candle Holder Crystals in Arrangement
Large Quartz Lotus Crystal Candle Holder
Amber Color Citrine Crystal Lotus Candle Holder
Amethyst Lotus Flower Crystal Spiritual Candleholder
Large Lotus Candle Holder Made From Amethyst Crystals
2 Candle Amethyst Druzy Purple Candleholder
Candle Holder Made From Mini Chips of Aventurine
Lotus Candle Holder with Chips of Green Aventurine
Mini Blue Kyanite Chip Lotus Candle Holder
Kyanite Rock Chips Make Lotus Shaped Candleholder
Mini Chip Orange Calcite Chip Lotus Stone Candleholder
Orange Chip Calcite Rock Lotus Candleholder
Mini Candle Holder Quartz Chips in a Lotus Flower Shape
White Quartz Chip Candle Holder Made of Quartz Pieces
Candle Holder with Chips of Rose Quartz in a Circle
Crystal Rose Quartz Pink Candle Holder Chips as Petals
Jasper Red Stone Lotus Circle Candle Holder
Heart of Stone Made of Rose Quartz with Candle Holder
Rose Quartz Crystals Jutting Out Circlular Candleholder
Crystal Quartz 3 Candle Holder Decorative Crystal Item
Dish Shaped Candle Holder Made From Sliced Agate
Quartz Candle Crystal Dish Style Candle Holder
Quartz Square with Dish Shaped Indentation for a Candle
Agate Slice with Crystal Inside and Rough Stone Outside
Purple Flourite Carved Dragon Stone Candle Holder
Blue Angelite Massage Tool for Hand Held Body Therapy
Massage Rock Made of Green Serpentine Stone
Back Massage Tool Hematite Body Magnet for Pain
Crystal Massage Therapy Product for Pain and Stress
Healing Quartz Rose Massage Crystal in the Perfect Shape
Magnet Therapy Special Magnetic Hematite Rock
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  Crystals & Gemtones