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 Custom Family Coat of Arms Crest Artist Request Form
Custom Coat of Arms and Family Crest
Simply supply us with an image of your family crest, coat of arms, or your own logo design, or any other design for that matter, and our artist will carve a personalized custom designed original artwork for you out of one solid piece of fine mahogany-like rain tree wood. Our clients typical use their custom crest as a decorative family wall hanging that they place inside their home, office, living room, or reception area.

Bronze Your Family Coat of Arms
You can have your coat of arms or family crest made in bronze upon request. If you are planning on ordering a bulk amount of the same family coat of arms art piece you may want to have us create a clay or wax relief, then make a mold, resulting in hydrostone reproductions that each come with a faux finish of your choosing.

Crest or Coat of Arms on a Custom Dragon Statue
Our wood carvers are very skilled and can capture your family crest, Surname family crest, Irish, German, Scottish, Spanish, French and English coat of arms in great detail. Having your family crest beautifully carved in wood immortalizes and proudly presents your family's heritage better than any other artwork. Upon request, we can create a dragon of virtually any height or width to go along with your family crest, coat of arms, or logo and make it fit in any amount of interior space you specify. Each hand carved crest and dragon is a one-of-a-kind artwork unique unto itself and carved to a state of perfection. You have the option of whether you want a Medieval or Chinese themed dragon to enhance your coat of arms or family crest even further! We have provided hand carved wooden family crests, coat of arms, and logos for individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. Discounts are available to volume orders for artwork. Call for more information about what our artists can do to satisfy your every artistic need.

Custom Carved Company Logo or Wood Sign
A custom hand carved logo can enhance the significance and importance of your company or organization's logo making it stand out with class, more than banners or painted signs can achieve alone. A company's icon or logo must be readily recognized by all who see it for the branding of a company to be successful. Having you company's brand, sign, or logo delicately carved out of wood will accomplish this as a unique and beautiful work of art can only do. Show your sfile="../e of style and your commitment to integrity with art!

Custom Art Request Form Instructions
Simply fill out the form below to discover just what its going to take to have one of our wood carvers and sculptors make your custom logo, family shield, family crest, or custom designed sign art into a wood carved masterpiece. Please be sure to include as much information as possible. Required fields are marked with a star (*).

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*Last Name: 
*Street Address: 
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