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 4.33 Inch Diameter Blue Lapis Globe w/ Countries

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Blue Lapis Globe with Colorful Countries

Globe Diam.: 4.33"
Metric Diam.: 110mm
Blue Lapis
4-Leg Anti-Copper Stand
Placement: Table or Desk Top
Item: G02739

$87.00 Each

Add a scholarly touch to your study with this blue lapis gemstone globe. This traditional rich blue color of the oceans gives this globe a clean, practical look, a perfect fit for a shelf or table in a den or library. Its elegant four-legged, anti-copper stand is small enough to fit most spaces, adding a decorative touch that blends well with hardwood furniture. The globe is a symbol of travel, only enhanced by the azure hue, signifying the sea and sky. With the colorful display of the gemstone countries, it makes a perfect piece for adding artistry to your chambers while symbolizing that it is a place of intellect and understanding.
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