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Decorate your home or office with a collection of artistic hangings, cups, and clocks. Our hanging dragon sculpture makes an intriguing addition to a room, hanging from the ceiling with wings outstretched as if in flight, its moth agape in a roar. The creative piece is emphasized by the vibrant color of its scales. It goes well with our hanging bat candleholder, the animal’s wings folded around itself as it slumbers, the candleholder in its mouth. But the ceiling isn’t all that can get an improvement. Add to your desk with our goblet-shaped penholder (or coffee cup; whichever you have the most use for), carved with the shape of a serpentine dragon weaving around its sides. The dragon’s curving body extends to form the mug’s handles. Finally, the walls. Add flavor to yours with this bone clock, complete with skulls marking every three hours, a vertebrae perimeter, and an intricate knot and cross design in the center. Or, if you want a gothic touch without the spooky skulls, go for our gargoyle clock with Roman numeral digits and an almost stony texture, interlocking rings in its face representing a “flower of life” image.
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