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Tealight candles add a warm atmosphere to any room. Emphasize the effect with a collection of candleholder art. To begin with, we have a model of a dragon clambering onto a cross emblazoned with Celtic knots. The dragon's wings hold up a stand for a tealight candle, the piece complete with a lampshade to modulate the glow. Another candle stand is covered with a rich pattern of Celtic knots, the stand splitting and extending at the base to form three dragon legs, creating a solid base for it to rest on. We also have a two piece tealight holder covered with artful spiral designs, both halves carved to come together in the shape of the yin-yang symbol. A Celtic cross designed with elaborate knots comes next, a candle fitting into a hollow at the front of the ornate cross. Finally, an image of a crouching dragon, great wings extended, mouth agape in a furious roar, with space for a candle on its scaly back.
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