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 Amethyst Stone Cathedral Crystal Rock
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Amethyst Cathedral

Weight: (1 lb. to 1000 lbs.)
Material: Amethyst
Item: G00008

$14.95 per lb.
Amethyst cathedral geodes is one of the most beautiful stone or crystal rock specimens you should have in your rock or gemstone collection. Our gorgeous amethyst cathedrals are hand picked from our collectors in Brazil to provide the best quality specimens for avid stone collectors, interior designers, and crystal rock hounds!

We offer a fine collection of spectacular high-quality crystal rock amethyst cathedral crystals displayed in natural tall cathedral clusters with stunning beauty and great long lasting value. When you place one of these Amethyst cathedral in your home or office it will become a focal point of those admiring its natural beauty and value.

Amethyst is a transparent, coarse-grained, violet or purple variety of quartz. Inside the amethyst cathedrals the individual pyramid-like crystals and are frequently found with the deepest color violet, purple, or pink at the tips. The color is due to traces of ferric iron. The color purple is traditionally the color of royalty and amethyst has been in demand and used since the dawn of history to adorn the rich and powerful monarchs and rulers.

The amethyst crystal has been revered since ancient times for its healing properties and meditative powers. Amethyst is thought to have the power to transmit calm, soothes the body, uplifts the mind and generates spiritual awakening. It is known as the stone of tranquility and strength. It is known to have the ability to change negative energy into positive energy. Amethyst is the February Birthstone said to bring peace, love, and happiness into your house.

The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethysystos, meaning "not drunk", as it was believed that by wearing the crystal one was protected from the effects of alcohol. It is the most highly prized of all the quartz crystals.
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