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Gemstones have an ancient tradition of possessing healing and defensive powers. Take the pleasant gray with natural white striations agate gemstones, powerful for its protective properties. The garnet stones shown above are a yellow-green in color and fall into the family of andradite. All garnets are said to stimulate successful business, but they can also have personal benefits. Some say that garnets can cure depression, improve self-esteem, and even increase one’s popularity. Garnets are also known for their protective qualities and may even improve your friendships. Our jasper gemstones come in a puke green hue, sculpted and polished into soapstone shapes and is said to ward away negative energies and relieve stress on an environmental level. Green Jasper is also a good stone for balance and purification, said to help neutralize toxins and aid digestion.

Labradorite gemstones have an ebony hue, polished perfectly to gleam with a multitude of metallic colors when held at different angles to a light source. Labradorite may increase your personal power, and help one see through illusions with greater clarity. Azure lapis lazuli stones, flecked with black and sporting pale veins, are also potent stones. Lapis lazuli has long been cherished by a variety of ancient cultures throughout recorded history. The potent lazuli gem is said to possess profound, if difficultly tapped, powers of healing and purification. Which stone will you choose?
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