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Contrary to the gemstone spheres on the previous page, these pieces primarily display warm colors. Yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks are the order of the day here, so your best option is to place them in rooms where you want to stimulate activity. Set a few around the centerpiece in your kitchen table, perhaps, or place them about your living room to add a touch of energy and excitement. Place them near instances of fire to enhance the glow of the flames; by the hearth or near candles, for example.

These gemstone spheres make decorative additions to your chosen room. Whether adding some color to your kitchen or enlivening your bedroom, gemstones always add a pleasing touch. However, simply tossing gemstones at random throughout your house is no more an effective method of decorating as buying furniture a la carte. The colors of these gemstones can be used to enhance the mood or ambiance of the room, coordinated properly. These gemstone spheres, for instance, come in a variety of greens and browns. They can augment rooms with similar themes; try placing them near plants to accentuate the natural colors, or set them on a windowsill as a substitute for plant life. In a room dominated by similar earth tones, the gemstones can augment the natural themes of the colors, adding to the feelings of security, stability, and health that these hues tend to evoke. On the other hand, setting them in a room filled with whites, blues, and yellows creates a strong contrast. Use this tactic to attract attention to the gemstone spheres, either to show them off on a display shelf, or to draw the eye to nearby artwork.
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